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I dedicate this book to Hans Orion who shies away from three major things . . . noise, hurry, and crowds: ever mindful of social distancing. He constantly reminds me to share my gifts, without expecting any reward in return. He also relentlessly reminds me to never watch the big picture, on a small screen, in low definition.

I dedicate this book to Macklin Zechariah who bends me away from the relentless tick, tick, tick of time and encourages me to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; ‘Slow down instead of speeding up when approaching a yellow traffic light. Less speed . . . more caution. Listen in prayer, promoting these powerful words to influence your consciousness: Not my will . . . but . . . thy will . . .be done.’

I dedicate this book to Nelson (the motivator), who relentlessly flickers a flashlight on me as a reminder to reflect light in darkness; saying to me, ‘Look within for your own answers, all else is jabbering nonsensical gibberish.’

Thank you, Em (the energizer of images), for collectively helping me to click off the pause button and for poking me awake with one imposing question: ‘Anthony, when life gets tangled and messed up, do you untie or tie knots, or walk away, indifferent?’

The past me . . . met the present me . . . when I was introduced to the imaginary Duke of Humphrey and da Baron of Muenfun; they both just showed up, just as by chance . . . a sign was posted which I promptly heeded in writing this story. It’s a collective journey. Thanks for your insights. The three of us; the imaginary Duke of Humphrey (a being from the sky), da Baron of Muenfun (a being from the water), and myself (created from a Star), are only reflections of each other; all sharing humanity in harmony; all “born under a lucky star.”

I dedicate this book to my wife, Tricia. My love for you will end on the same day God’s love for you does.

And of course, I dedicate this book to Jesus of Nazareth for giving me a second chance to dine in the Garden of Life—indeed my reward for writing this book!

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