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See what some people have to say about these amazing books and the author behind them. Anthony's goal is to share the holy light with each and everyone of his readers. He has made connections with great minds with amazing thoughts and beliefs. Read more below...


Claire Bradley

“Your story spoke to my soul and touched my heart in a way that brought tears to my eyes. The message of faith is so beautiful. Many times, out here in the world, I grow tired and forget ‘what it’s really about.’ Thank you for reminding me again.”


Maryhaven Publishing, Doris R Wenzel, Publisher

(read the entire testimonial here!)


Sr. Peggy McVetty, OP – Sisters of St. Dominic of Amityville

“What a privileged pleasure to share my excitement that my friend, Tony Morrone, has dipped into his cherished beliefs regarding faith, family, wellness, and the dignity of life deserved by every human being. Tony’s love of life and respect for each individual has been manifested in every aspect of his personal and professional life. Now through another generous and intentional choice, Tony chooses to place his efforts in order to protect and save lives- especially those of young persons who he so values. I’m so thankful to know this good man!”

Giany Guenjo -Executive Director of Carolina Human Reinvestment of South Carolina

”La vie est un rosier qu il faut entretenir”

I have known Anthony Morrone for a number of years, mostly in regard to his work as a successful writer and author. Anthony is open and honest and fun to be around. He gives 110%, and you can be confident that any project or engagement he undertakes is going to be a success. He is passionate and eager to help find relief solutions for families impacted by mental health issues. He is a true leader with impeccable character and integrity. Anthony surrounds himself with high quality people, the sign of a great leader. 

Anthony is a high-energy professional with integrity and perseverance. He is able to work successfully with diverse groups. He is compassionate about his job and others, and he has a unique ability to bring individuals together to achieve a common goal. I highly recommend Anthony to work with your group where he can inspire them to greater heights as he did with us at the Carolina Human Reinvestment.”


Brewster Buck – Board Chair of CHRSC

“The first time I met Tony Morrone it was as if we had known each other our entire lives.  Now, some 10 years later, I remain amazed at the way he is continually driven to help others. His upbeat, kind and positive attitude brings a smile to so many lives each day. Tony has an uncanny sense of how to bring different folks together to synergize a greater good. He has supported our programs in SC for youth enrichment unfailingly for many years and devotes himself to many other noble causes. Tony’s books are a joy to read, a testament to his creative and caring nature. Each is written by faith, and I believe, spiritual anointment.  I feel that he is illuminating our Creators plans for us. To have deep relationships helping each other is the message to achieve joy in this life.  All of his work is given freely to support the disadvantaged, downtrodden, and to each of us. No matter if we are in need of inspiration, or a hand up for some reason. I am proud to call Tony and his family my friends and think you will also.”  

Father Larry Rywalt – Assigned to Rome, Vatican – Passionist Father

“‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength… You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Mk.12:30) …

Like all Christians, Tony began his life with Christ at Baptism, and throughout his life he has endeavored to love God with his heart, soul, mind, and all his strength. He successfully undertook the profession of a businessman in the field of accounting, using his intellectual skills and strength to earn a living, while also being aware that he was a Christian professional called to love his neighbor. He also assumed the vocation of husband and later, father, offering his heart and soul to his wife and children.

As a spiritual guide for Tony, I have been aware that he has always been attentive to a deeper, mystical calling to combine heart, soul, mind, and strength to love God and neighbor on a more profound level. In his case, this means writing Christian literature. It is in this field that Tony now strives to announce the Kingdom of God, guided by the creative and loving force of the Spirit of God. Let us allow Tony to reveal to us the face of Pope Francis’ “God of surprises.” 

“You are not far from the Kingdom of God.” (12:34)

Sister Dort Ederer

“I have known Anthony Morrone for over twenty years. He is a great author, and he inspires so many people, not only through his writing, but through his personality as well. He loves life, people, and God. His happy spirit is contagious. To know him is to love him. “

Father Joseph Girzone

(see in book section of website,  look under Born Under a Lucky Star)

Freydoon Rassouli

(see foreword written on Freydoon Rassouli‘s page)

Chris Lesperance Erold, Pastor

I am Erold Lesperance, pastor of Maranatha Church of God in Christ, in New Orleans, LA. I am also president of FOCAPA Christian Foundation for Disadvantaged Elders in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Five years ago, I met Anthony while I was driving Cab Ministry to support my mission work for Haiti. By chance, Tony took a ride, and we talked about the ministry. Tony blessed the ministry with a one hundred dollar bill the very first day we met. Since then, Anthony Morrone has been for our mission in Haiti, a provider sent by God. Whenever I contacted him, he always answered me with a prayer as well as with a generous donation. Tony has not been to Haiti with us yet, but his name is well-known there for what he has done. Our mission board is so grateful to Tony. We are planning to name one of the buildings in the orphanage in his honor. Tony, may God continue to bless your life and work. “Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven.” Thank you – Erold Lesperance, Pastor

Patricia Morrone

“As the very proud wife of a very loving, honorable, and thoughtful man, I can unbiasedly say he is the real deal; a devoted husband, father, and friend who gives and loves with his whole heart. He is the first to reach out and lend a helping hand; he is a giver. His gifts and talents shine through all he does. His drive is unstoppable. From writing his heartwarming books to starting the Wihn Foundation—a nonprofit organization designed to help young adults fight mental illness and depression by educating families on how to navigate the availability of governmental assistance funds—Anthony’s passion for all he does is never-ending. When it comes to this gifted man, the sky is the limit.

Companion Book:

Anthony Morrone’s inspirational writing and Freydoon Rassouli’s exquisite Fusionart combine to create a collaboration made in heaven. This beautiful coffee table book can either be picked up and read cover to cover or savored a page at a time to inspire your heart and soul.

The Uninvited Guest and The Final Balladry Series of Books:  

I watched Anthony pour his heart and soul into writing these books during the COVID lockdown. His love for earthly life and God shines throughout his work as his words unfold into thought-provoking stories of interesting, intertwined characters. Each page can be a source of powerful reflection. Whether you go back to his first two books (written 25 years ago), Born Under a Lucky Star and The Vanity Mirror, or settle down with The Companion Book, The Uninvited Guest, or The Final Balladry series, you are sure to be inspired to better recognize the love of God that is extended to everybody, every day. Let his awareness books shine on you like they have on me. Enjoy the ride. You won’t be disappointed.”

Bob Policastro, Angela’s House

(see award here!)

Mindy Ferrentino Wolfle, Neptune Marketing LLC

“Tony Morrone has found a way to combine his career as an accountant with his faith and innate goodness.  He continues to give back to the children of Angela’s House with both his professional expertise and the benevolence of his published works. He is a role model for what one person can do to make a difference in this world.”

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