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Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a network and referral system for individuals or families facing mental health/suicidal challenges.

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Describing our Mission  

Your tire blows out on a deserted road, and you have no idea how to change it or use a jack

The WIHN Foundation was organized by Anthony Morrone and Giany Guenjo in December 2021.


The primary mission of this organization is to save young lives, young people are suffering and it’s up to our communities to fight back.


The WIHN Foundation intends to raise money from the community and then distribute the funds to suicide intervention instructors like our Champion, Father Greg Van Dyke The organization mission is to  slow down the rate of suicidal deaths. The cash drives will finance the cost of treatment up and above State agency funding.

The funds will be directed, in its early stages, for those living in the New York (metropolitan) and South Carolina (Myrtle Beach) areas. In time the organization will expand its coverage to include all locations across the United States.


The WIHN Foundation is a newly formed entity, thus we will be limited in our programs unless we can stimulate the community to become more aware of the crisis at hand. Our business is a very serious business. Our communities are under attack. A mental illness crisis has attacked our children mightily after March 2020.


The future staff of the organization will be instructed on how to educate families how to most efficiently navigate the availability of governmental assistance funds. Our staff will not be trained on how to remedy the blow out, but how to service the getting someone back on the road to recovery.

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Awareness and Action Can Help Save a Life

Initially all donation, raised by our marketing campaign (directed by Thomas LoFaso) will be contributed to Pastor Greg Van Dyke and his staff.


Pastor Greg’s has for the last 6 years acted as a mental advocate in Georgetown and Horry Counties. The implementation the RISE program has been proven to work miracles. The program serves as a “lifeguard” in the effort to slow down acts of suicide.


Pastor Greg has vast training and experience with suicide prevention and intervention. He trains others in suicide intervention skills, and he serves as a community resource for behavioral health and mental wellness, as well.


It is the resolve of Pastor Greg and the congregation of St. Peter’s Church, to train and equip the community to recognize and respond to signs of suicide.


Pastor Greg, and his congregation, wish to remove the stigma associated with mental health care. They work to build a strong community that includes and supports all people, sharing hope for ‘the- all, and not for the select few. Monies raised by the WIHN Foundation will help support this goal and the goal of suicide prevention.


At some point in the future, the WIHN FOUDATION is prepared to diversify its cash raise to all areas in the United States of Compassion.

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Learning from Another’s Sorrow

Tommy Raskin lost his battle to suicide at the young age of 25—a great kid. Why?

The Sad Story Recanted

Tommy Bloom Raskin, the son of Jamie Raskin and his wife, Sarah Bloom Raskin, died at the age of 25 on New Year’s Eve 2020, at the family’s Takoma Park home. The couple remembered their son as having a “perfect heart, a perfect soul, a riotously outrageous and relentless sense of humor, and a dazzling, radiant mind.”

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Reach Out

500 Terry Francois St. San Francisco, CA 94158


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A Pledge from the WIHN FOUNDATION

Jesus, the Nazarene, once told the story of the good shepherd who discovers the loss of one sheep and leaves the remaining 99 (Luke 15:4–7). He searches intently, high and low, until the lost sheep is found. He tenderly carries it home on his shoulders, and then calls his friends and neighbors to join him in celebrating.

Saving a life is significant, ask any grieving family. Tomorrow’s solutions are no good if the problem ends today, right? Play the part of an angel. Help us, help others! Our foundation is dependent on your financial support. Perhaps a new meaning to: ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’

Make a donation today using:

Pay Pal :

Venmo : coming soon!

Zelle (Chase) : coming soon!

Upon request, with a donation of $50 or more, you will be sent a copy of Anthony Morrone and Freydoon Rassouli’s newest book, The Companion Book –The Uninvited Guest (postage included).

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